Mediterranean Cruise – Day 3 – Stopover in Mykonos (Greece)

We arrive in Mykonos on 08/12/2015 at 3:00 p.m., we have about 7 hours to visit the city. The departure is at 11:00 p.m.

City: Mykonos (Greece)
Date: 08/12/2015
Arrival: 3:00 p.m.
Departure: 11:00 p.m.

At each stopover of the cruise, COSTA proposes excursions to visit the city or to do an activity. Prices vary from 50€ to 120€ per person. You can always do the tours yourself(sometimes the same tour offered by the company) much cheaper. But, it is necessary to prepare the necessary information before. The internet connection is very expensive on the boat and you will never find information about public transport because the cruise company “pushes” you to pay for its excursions. We did not take any Costa excursion and That is with no regrets.

The port of Mykonos is too small for the cruise ships. Our boat remains in the sea and we disembarked via rowboats. The company distributes small cards with numbers. The number corresponds to the boat to which you are assigned.

Mykonos – Rowboat

The rowboats drop off travelers in the old port of Mykonos

Mykonos Old Port – Rowboat

It is a charming little port in the heart of the city:

Mykonos Old Port

We head straight for the small central square of the city : Manto Mavrogenous Statue (37°26’51.0″N 25°19’45.2″E)

Mykonos – Bus Station
Mykonos – Bus Station

This is where we find the buses leaving outside the city :

Mykonos – Bus timetable

We take the bus to the beach of « Paradise Beach »

Mykonos – bus to Paradise Beach

The bus journey takes 15 minutes:

Mykonos – Paradise Beach

We arrive at the beach : « Paradise Beach » (37°24’36.4″N 25°21’24.1″E)

Mykonos – Paradise Beach

It is a very touristy and very festive beach with a dancing beach bar. You will find all the necessary equipment there (WC, showers, deckchairs, parasols, etc.)

We spend 2 hours there before returning to downtown Mykonos. The village is charming. Just take a stroll through its narrow streets to see that:

Mykonos city center

The architecture is special. The houses are all painted white with lime.

Mykonos city center

You can also take a short tour to discover:

Walk in Mykonos
  • The Old Port and the Small Church located there (37°26’51.1″N 25°19’37.8″E)
  • The Chapel of « Panagia Paraportiani » (37°26’49.6″N 25°19’32.6″E)
  • Little Venice (37°26’48.0″N 25°19’33.0″E)
  • Windmills (37°26’40.2″N 25°19’31.4″E)
  • Tria Pigadia : the three wells (37°26’43.4″N 25°19’43.0″E) : The legend says that if a virgin drinks from 3 wells, she finds a husband and if a visitor drinks from 3 well, he returns to Mykonos
Mykonos – Little Venice
Mykonos – Small Church
Mykonos – Windmills

Around 10:30 p.m., the rowboats pick us up at the old port and take us back to our boat.

Departure from Mykonos

We leave Mykonos which always seems alive at night:

Mykonos – At night