Mallorca Day 6 : MA-10 – Soller – Deia – Valldemossa

We started the day with a morning swim in a small cove not far from our accommodation: « Playa de S’illot » (39°52’22.4″N 3°09’42.1″E).

It is a small cove with very clear water and a wonderful pebble beach.

Playa de S’illot

Look what we found there :

Playa de S’illot

We return back to our hotel to free the room and leave for « Deia » passing by « Soller » on the mythical road « MA-10 »

Ma-10 : Soller and Deia

This is definitely a must do route if you are in Mallorca: An exceptional view of greenery, mountains, flora and fauna. The landscapes of cyclists going up steep slopes and wild goats weaving their way between trees and rocks.


The beauty of the famous Mallorcan mountain chain « La serra de Tramuntana » is clearly visible on this road. Driving there is a bit hard, but the beauty of nature will make you forget everything.

La serra de Tramuntana

We pass through two beautiful villages « Lluc » and « Fornalutx » before reaching« Soller ». We also pass by the access point to « Sa Calobra » and « Torrent de Pareis » but we will come back there the next day as it is better to visit them earlier to enjoy and find less persons.

At Soller, we found a paying parking at « Plaça des Mercat » (39°46’01.8″N 2°42’51.5″E)

Soller is a big village with a large central square: « Plaça de sa Constitució » (39°45’59.0″N 2°42’54.6″E) where you can find : a beautiful church, several cafes, restaurants and shops and above all, the magnificent Soller tram that goes until Palma. We didn’t take the tram, but seeing it passing through the middle of town is charming.

We eat a quick burger in the central square and continue our journey towards « Deia », still on the « MA-10 »

We arrive at« Deia » and discover a picturesque village built directly in the mountain. On the other hand, to get in the village, you will have to climb up and down in very narrow and often one-way streets.


Our third and final accommodation is located in Deia :

Accommodation : Hostal Villa Verde
Address : Ramon Llull 19, 07179 Deià, Spain
Location : 39°44’52.0″N 2°38’50.2″E
2 nights, From Aug 07, 2020 to Aug 09, 2020
Price : € 180
Booked with

So how to say? The location is beautiful, the access is less. Note that the car park is located 150 m before the hotel (39°44’54.6″N 2°38’47.3″E).

Hostal Villa Verde Parking

The path is very narrow and it is best to have a small car. With our rented Fiat 500, we had no problems.

The room is clean and spacious with a private bathroom, a small wardrobe and a minibar.

Hostal Villa Verde

Hostal Villa Verde has also a small café with breathtaking mountain view.

Cafe at Hostal Villa Verde

Moreover, the view is also great from our room. This may not be the case for all the rooms (We had the only exterior room. It is hot in the room, but the view makes up for it).

View on Deia from our room

For the evening, we choose to go to « Valldemossa » , known to be the most beautiful village in Mallorca. To park, a paying parking until 8 pm and free after 8 (39°42’41.8″N 2°37’19.8″E).

Deia – Valldemossa 

We must admit that the village is very beautiful, but in times of the Covid-19 health crisis, life is missing and the alleys were not lively. It’s easier to take pictures and enjoy the views, but we miss the liveliness of Mallorcan villages.

We take the island’s specialty, which is eaten more for breakfast, but even in the evening, with a coffee, it’s just as good: « La Ensaimada »