Mallorca Day 5 : Muro – Artà – Cala Agulla – Pollença

We leave quite early (8:00 am) towards the beach of « Platja del Muro » (not to be confused with Cala Des Moro), the beach is known to attract a lot of people. The beach is very wide and it is divided into several sectors.

Platja del Muro

NB: To be next to the famous little bridge, you can park for free in sector 6 (39°48’51.1″N 3°06’56.8″E).

We took some photos, then we leave to the beach of « Cala Agulla » through the village of « Artà »

We make a short stop at « Artà » to have breakfast. We found a small café : « Pessics café » (39°41’34.5″N 3°20’59.5″E) in front of the large square: « Plaça del Conqueridor ». It is a charming little village.


After the breakfast, we leave to the beach of « Cala Agulla ».

There is a paying parking (5€ for the day) for « Cala Agulla » (39°43’14.7″N 3°27’04.7″E).

The beach is beautiful but can be full of people. The beach is a mixture of small rocks and sands with a slightly pink color, very characteristic of the place.

Cala Agulla

The water is very clear and full of fishes. If you love snorkelling, you are going to love it.

We stayed there for a moment.

On the way back, we pass by the beach « Platja del Muro » and find it very crowded. At this time of day (1:00 p.m.), the sun is hitting very strongly. One solution is to bathe in the shade under the famous little bridge.

Platja del Muro – swim under the little bridge

The swimming is over, we go back to the hotel. On the way back, we stop to pick some figs. We become addicted to it.

In the evening, we pass through Pollença, before going to the port of Pollença. And like Alcudia, it’s 2 totally different visits.

To Pollença and its port

We don’t stay too long in Pollença and prefer to head to the port for dinner.


There is a free parking at 600m from Pollença port (39°54’34.9″N 3°04’53.5″E) it’s a small harbour, beautiful, with wide choice of restaurants and bars.

Port of Pollença

We find the prices of restaurants on the port a bit high. We find a charming restaurant a bit far from the seafront, but we ate well: We made the right choice. « Ambrosia Restaurante » (39°54’28.8″N 3°05’01.4″E).

We had a seafood paella for 2 (which we objectively rate 5/5), a garlic bread, a sangria and a mojito for a total of 40 €. Awesome!