Mallorca Day 4 : Santanyi – Cala Des Moro – Alcudia

We leave the hotel room and go to have breakfast in the same café of the day before in Santanyi : « CA’N NEO Cafeteria » (39°21’21.9″N 3°07’52.5″E). We liked the coffee and the pastries there.

It is the market day in Santanyi (Wednesday and Saturday): 39 ° 21’15.3 « N 3 ° 07’43.6 » E. We are happy to have a walk in the market and stroll through the alleys of Santanyi. The market and the village are wonderful.

Santanyi Market

The clouds are gone and we find the usual August weather in Mallorca. We decide to return to « Cala Des Moro« , the cove that delighted us so much. This is an opportunity to bathe there again and see the true color of its water in sunny weather.

We park in the same free car parking (39 ° 19’14.6 « N 3 ° 07’32.5 » E) which was more crowded than the previous time due to the sunny weather.

Parking of Cala Des Moro

After 25 minutes of walking, we find the beautiful cove. With the sun, the view is just splendid.

Cala Des Moro

We stay there for about 2 hours then we head north, towards our second accommodation on the island:

Accomodation : Petit Hotel Hostatgeria La Victoria
Address : Cap des Pinar, 07400 Alcúdia, Spain
Location : 39°52’25.1″N 3°10’15.9″E
2 nights, from Aug 05, 2020 to Aug 07, 2020
Price : € 170
Booked with

On the road, you can see Mallorca from the inside with charming roads and countryside. We even stop to pick figs. You will find fig trees all over the road. There are some that belong to farms, but you will find some « abandoned » on the road. It’s very good and very sweet.

The last 3 km to reach the hotel remind us of the « Cap de Formentor » road. The road runs along the coast and then climbs up the mountain offering an exceptional view. We are happy thinking that we will pass by this road many times.

Road to Petit Hotel Hostatgeria La Victoria

We arrived at our accommodation, it is an old monastery converted into a charming hotel with a breathtaking sea and mountain view. A big and free parking is available. 100m from the hotel, a restaurant with an wonderful view as its name suggests « Restaurante Mirador de la Victoria » (39 ° 52’27.7 « N 3 ° 10’17.5 » E). To eat there, you will have to book in advance and that was not our case.

Back to our accommodation, just one word: Fabulous. This is one of the best accommodations that we had the chance to stay in. A nice welcome with some visit advices. The room is clean, spacious and the view (from the room or from outside) is just incredible: sea-mountain view with the goats roaming around and not hesitating to come closer to be fed by the visitors. The accommodation also offers the possibility of using a common space (kitchen, fridge, coffee machine, TV, etc.) which was not possible for us due to the health crisis od Covid-19.

View from the room

After a well-deserved break, we decide to visit the village of Alcudia as well as the port of Alcudia.

To Alcudia and its port

NB: You should know one thing, generally in Mallorca, the port is a village apart. In other words, visiting Alcudia and its port is not the same thing. These are 2 separate visits and each one of course has its own charm.

To park in Alcudia, there is a free car parking at the gates of the old town, look for the “Alcúdia Old City” car park (39 ° 51’04.3 « N 3 ° 07’16.3 » E).

The village is so beautiful with colorful streets, small craft shops and a central square: « Plaça de la Constitució » (39°51’11.6″N 3°07’18.4″E). It’s a great idea for a late afternoon walk and for a drink after the heat of the day.

We have noticed and will continue to notice the beauty of the architecture of the island, with quite a wide variety, and at the same time very harmonious doors and windows.

For dinner, head to the port of Alcudia. A free parking is available at « Carrer de Teodor Canet » (39 ° 50’34.1 « N 3 ° 08’04.1 » E) and it’s at 4 minutes walk from the port.

Port of Alcudia

It is a pretty and large touristic port with a wide choice of restaurants and bars. We are seduced by one of them, and we do not regret at all: Restaurante Bellavista (39 ° 50’27.0 « N 3 ° 08’08.8 » E). The boss is an Italian who has chosen to merge Italian and Spanish cuisine: A clever mix.

We were very hungry : A dish of tapas for 2 (fried seafood), a Paella, 2 cocktails and a coffee for 60 €.

A long and great day is over, back to the hotel. At night, the area around the hotel is empty when the restaurant closes and the hikers go back home. A feeling of « alone in the world » quite enjoyable.