Mallorca Day 3 : Santanyi – Cap de Formentor – Palma

We start our day with a coffee and some pastries in a charming little cafeteria in the heart of the village of Santanyi: « CA’N NEO Cafeteria » (39°21’21.9″N 3°07’52.5″E). It is a small traditional cafe located in the small square « Placeta de sa Canal ». The coffee is delicious, as are the pastries. We pay € 5 for 2 coffees and 5 small pastries

The weather is still cloudy, but we decide to go to the beach anyway. Direction « Cala Varques ». The car park is 2 km from the beach, and the path is very hard. With such weather, we decide to move on, direction the beach of « Cala Millor », known to be more accessible but also more touristy. We get there and find a free car park, not far from the beach (39 ° 36’08.1 « N 3 ° 22’56.1 » E). « Cala Millor » is a seaside resort with hotel complexes : nothing special. Our decision is made, we won’t be going to the beach today. We continue our way north towards « Cap de Formentor ».

Our morning route

On the « Cap de Formentor », we did 3 stops :

  • Mirador Es Colomer
  • Albercutx Watchtower
  • Far de Formentor

The road is very sinuous with steep slopes but the landscape is sumptuous. You will see cyclists in both directions of the road going up and down the slopes. The Cape Road is an attraction in itself

The « Cap de Formentor » road

Our first stop in « Cap de Formentor » is the « Mirador Es Colomer » (39°55’51.8″N 3°06’44.5″E). Free parking places are available next to the Mirador, but places are limited. The view from the mirador is breathtaking and offers a mixture of sea – mountain – magnificent road :

In front of the parking, you can go up by car to the watchtower of Albercutx. The road is even narrower. It stops at the foot of the tower (39°55’42.4″N 3°07’05.4″E).

From « Mirador Es Colomer » to « Albercutx Watchtower »
« Albercutx Watchtower »

To get to the Formentor lighthouse, you will have to go back until « Mirador Es Colomer », then turn right towards the tip of the cape. You will find the same landscapes with cyclists. When we arrived to the lighthouse, we found a free parking, but the number of places is limited. You will need to be patient to park (39 ° 57’40.0 « N 3 ° 12’44.0 » E).

From « Mirador Es Colomer » To the Fomentor lighthouse

It is a pretty lighthouse at the tip of the cape with a 360 ° view of the sea, the mountain and the road that leads to the lighthouse. You can even sit on the terrace of the cafe next to the lighthouse, to admire the view.

It is also common to see some goats close to the lighthouse. You will see goats everywhere on the roads of the Cape and on the MA-10.

By such cloudy weather, we decide to visit Palma. 80 km and 01:20 later we arrive at the capital of Mallorca.

Our evening route

We park at « Parque del Mar » (39°33’55.3″N 2°38’51.6″E) near Palma Cathedral. Parking costs 3 € / hour.

We stayed about 3 hours in Palma. This is enough to :

  • Admire Palma Cathedral, the city’s must-see
Palma Cathedral
  • Have a drink at « Passeig del Born » (39°34’14.1″N 2°38’49.3″E). The prices are really attractive and the small square is shaded by the trees around, great with the sun starting to hit.
  • Have a walk in the old town streets and pass by the beautiful Place de « Plaça de Cort » (39°34’10.7″N 2°39’00.0″E)

Before going back, we decide to pass by a large shopping center located next to the airport to do some shopping: « FAN Mallorca Shopping » (39°33’11.6″N 2°42’20.3″E). There, we eat Tapas restaurant that we had already tried in Madrid: « 100 montaditos ». It’s simple: a hundred tapas offered with prices between € 1 and € 2.

After such long day, direction the hotel.