Mallorca Day 1 & 2 : Departure – Cala Pi – Cala s’Almunia – Cala des Moro – Cala Figuera

We arrive at Palma airport at 8:00 p.m., we collect the rented car (a Fiat 500)

We leave in direction of « Cala Figuera » for our first accomodation passing by the village of Campos to have pizzas for dinner.

We arrive at our first accomodation :

Accomodation : Petit Hostal Ventura
Adress : Bennaregi, 19, 07659 Cala Figuera, Spain
Location : 39°19’48.0″N 3°10’04.1″E
3 nights, From Aug 02, 2020 to Aug 05, 2020
Price : € 235
Booked with

It is a beautiful hotel with a swimming pool. The room is spacious, clean, with a balcony. Free parking spaces are available in front of the hotel

Day 2, we left our hotel « Petit Hostal Ventura » in « Cala Figuera » to the cove of « Cala Pi ». 40 km and 40 minutes separate the 2 points. There is a free parking at 500m from « Cala Pi ». (39°21’54.8″N 2°50’24.6″E)

From « Cala Figuera » to « Cala Pi »

Once there, the weather is a little cloudy and does not make you want to swim, but the cove is sumptuous with very clear water.

Cala Pi

You can admire the cove from above before going down the stairs directly to the beach. At the beginning of the stairs to go down to the beach, there is a cafe « Cala Pi Beach BAR » which has direct view on the cove where you can have breakfast with a buffet. We preferred to have our coffee at another cafe, less touristy, but with a particular charm : « Bar Playa » (39°21’47.4″N 2°50’12.5″E).

Now, we want to go for swimmig, and we decide to go to the 2 coves « Cala s’Almunia » and « Cala des Moro ».

From « Cala Pi » to « Cala s’Almunia » and « Cala des Moro »

There is free public parking for the 2 beaches (39 ° 19’14.6 « N 3 ° 07’32.5 » E), but you will need to walk for about fifteen minutes to reach one of the 2 coves . The first part of the path (1 km) is a paved road and therefore easier. After that you will see the access to « Cala des Moro » on the left and the one to « Cala s’Almunia » on the right

From the parking to « Cala s’Almunia » and « Cala des Moro »

Le way to « Cala s’Almunia » is easier because there are stairs that lead directly to the cove

Stairs to « Cala s’Almunia »
« Cala s’Almunia »

On the other hand, to go to « Cala des Moro » it is more complicated but you can do it. A path between the trees is visible all along the way. It will take about 10 minutes to see the wonderful cove and your effort will be truly rewarded.

Path to « Cala des Moro »
« Cala des Moro »

If we have to choose between the 2 coves, we prefer « Cala des Moro », but « Cala s’Almunia » is also wonderful

« Cala s’Almunia » is more interesting for its seabed.

« Cala des Moro » offers a real postcard landscape.

But why choose if you can do both

Be careful not to forget the beach shoes and snorkel masks.

The 2 coves remain wild and you will not find cafes, restaurants … You will need to bring you own water, sandwiches ….

We goback to the hotel to rest around 3:00 p.m.

Around 6:00 p.m., we walk to the port of « Cala Figuera » which is situated 500 m from our accommodation. It is a wonderful port which mixes fishing and leisure boats. A beautiful late afternoon walk between the port and the cliffs of « Cala Figuera Rock » (39°19’41.4″N 3°10’25.0″E).

Walk at the port of « Cala Figuera »
« Cala Figuera »

To finish the day, we choose to dine in a restaurant with a breathtaking view: « Restaurante Pizzería Es Port » (39°19’49.3″N 3°10’18.5″E). The view is wonderful as is the dinner.

view from « Restaurante Pizzería Es Port »

Prices are reasonable for a such place : Pasta, a large sea bream, Sangria and a soda for 45 €.