Day 12 : Ubud – Tegallalang – Tirta Empul

breakfast ordered the day before is served at the terrace of the room at 8:30 am as requested: fresh fruit, fruit juice, eggs, pastries and coffees. We sit in front of the swimming pool, the view is exceptional 🙂

Breakfast served at the room

We take our scooter and we go to the north. Program of the day: Alas Harum (Balinese coffee discovery area, Bali Swing…), Tegallalang rice terraces, Gunung Kawi Sebatu, Tirta Empul Temple, Ubud center :

Ubud tour from north to center
Ubud tour from north to center

Our first stop, 4km north of our accomodation is: Alas Harum Bali (Jalan Raya Tegallalang). It is an agritourism center where you can discover the making of coffee, taste the Balinese coffee, Luwak coffee and many kinds of teas. Entry is free. We are given bracelets, which we will have to show if we order something to pay. Payment will be made before the exit.

Tasting of 14 coffees and teas is offered free of charge (special mention for Lemon Grass Tea). For Luwak coffee (Kopi Luwak), you have to pay 50,000 Rp (3.3 €). We wanted to taste it and it’s very good. It is served with a small Balinese coffee to compare.

“Kopi Luwak is a coffee collected from the excrement of Luwak (Civette). The civet consumes the coffee beans, digests the pulp but not the stone, which is found in its excrement. In the luwak’s digestive tract, the gastric juices undergo a beneficial transformation to the aromas of the coffee beans. The seeds are then collected and this is how one of the most expensive coffees is made. But prices remain reasonable in Bali ”

The tasting takes place on a terrace installed high up with an impressive view of the rice terraces.

You can also use the « Bali Swing » with an adrenaline guarantee. You have to pay 200,000 Rp (13.3 €), but, honestly, we were afraid given the height at which the swings are installed.

About 600m north, we stop to discover the rice terraces: « Tegallalang Rice Terrace ». You have to pay 10,000 Rp (0.7 €) per person for access. The landscape is impressive. You can walk between the rice plantations, take photos…
It is to know that it is necessary to provide small coins (bills) to be able to pass small « checkpoints » installed by the locals (apart from the entrance fee). You must give each time between 5,000 Rp and 10,000 Rp (0.7 – 0.3 €). For your tour, you can cross 2 or 3 checkpoints. It would be a pity to be blocked if you don’t have some money.

We continue our tour, still north to the temple: « Gunung Kawi Sebatu ». It’s a pretty authentic temple that is fairly well maintained. Entrance is payable at 10,000 Rp (0.7 €) per person, rental of Sarong included. There are small pools with fish, places of worship, and 2 swimming pools (1 for women, the other for men) where locals come to take a bath for 2,000 Rp (13 cents €)!

We continue towards « Tirta Empul Temple »:

From temple « Gunung Kawi Sebatu » to « Tirta Empul Temple »

Entrance to « Tirta Empul Temple » is for 15,000 Rp (€ 1) per person including the rental of the sarong. The temple is very beautiful with prayer facilities. But the main attraction is the pools with sacred springs where tourists and locals mix in a captivating spiritual atmosphere.

Next to the holy springs, you can find a large pool with fishes, ideal for taking some souvenir photos. In comparison with Tirta Gangga, we much prefer Tirta Empul: more authentic, more beautiful, more spiritual

We leave, to the south, towards the center of Ubud in the middle of the rice fields

To Ubud centre

We stop at Warung: « Warung Mangga Madu » (Jl. Gn. Sari No.1). We highly recommend: authentic surroundings, delicious cuisine, everything to please. This is our best Warung in Bali
We took 2 fresh juices, 1 dish of Samoussa as a starter, a Mie Goreng (fried noodles) and a Bebek Goreng (fried duck), all very delicious and at a very attractive price: 120,000 Rp (8 €)

Location of « Warung Mangga Madu »
Entrance of « Warung Mangga Madu »

We finish eating and go back to the center of Ubud. It’s horribly crouded with so many motorcycles

Traffic jams in Ubud

We end up going to the “Bintang Supermarket Ubud” (Jl. Raya Campuan) to see what a local hypermarket looks like. This is an opportunity to buy the famous « jack fruit » and discover some local products.

We return back to the hotel and order dinner and breakfast for the next day. It is getting dark, we decide to take advantage of the peaceful swimming pool 🙂