Day 11 : Sardinia : Olbia, beaches and Porto Cervo

We had tried, two days before, to go to the 2 beaches of « Cala Brandinchi » and « Spiaggia di Lu Impostu ». We had arrived a little around 11:00 a.m. and the parking was full. We return there around 09:00 :

To « Cala Brandinchi » and « Spiaggia di Lu Impostu »

It is the same car park for the 2 beaches. We start with « Cala Brandinchi »

« Cala Brandinchi »

It’s a nice beach, but not one of the best. The queue for parking is in our opinion unjustified. The beach is quite narrow, and even at 9 a.m., It’s not easy to find a place for your towel :

« Cala Brandinchi »

After an hour and a half of swimming, we choose to discover the nearby beach of « Spiaggia di Lu Impostu ». It’s a beautiful beach too, but we still don’t understand the full parking, two days ago.

An hour later, we go back to our accommodation for the shower. It’s still 1:00 p.m., and with the heat, the only thing to do during the day is to go to the beach. We head to : « Spiaggia Porto Istana »

To « Spiaggia Porto Istana »

It is a small cove with very clear water and fish visible on the surface. We find this beach much better than the 2 morning beaches.

Spiaggia Porto Istana

Back home for a nap

Accomodation : La Maison De Gioel
Address : Via Malta, 18, 07026 Olbia, Italie
4 nights, from 07/21/2021 to 07/25/2021
Price : 548 € for 3 persons
Reservation :

Before sunset, we head to « Porto Cervo »

To « Porto Cervo »

We arrive before sunset and spend our evening in this charming village

Walk at « Porto Cervo »

It is a small luxurious port village. It is considered as the Saint Tropez of Sardinia. It is very beautiful and it is a perfact place to spend the evening:

The number of Yachts and luxury cars is impressive

Luxury in Porto Cervo

For dinner, we choose a well-rated restaurant with affordable prices: “Elit Promenade Cafè” (41°08’03.6″N 9°32’17.3″E). After half an hour of waiting, we find a table on the terrace. 90 € for 3 pastas, 3 desserts and a bottle of wine in such a place, it’s really unexpected :