Day 04 : Munduk (Waterfalls and nature)

We had breakfast (which is included in the price of the accommodation).
Around 9:00 am, we left with our driver of the day :

Tour at Munduk waterfalls
Munduk & Waterfalls

We arrive at the Munduk waterfalls « Air Terjun Munduk ». We are dropped off at the waterfall parking. To go down to the Waterfall, it will take about 10 minutes on a small track in the heart of the greenery.

way to Munduk Waterfall

We pass by “Enjoy Café” where we find cloves plantations. We also see the drying and preparation process for cloves. It’s very common in Bali.

Enjoy Café

We arrive at the waterfalls, we have to pay 10,000 Rp / Person (0.6 €). It’s a very beautiful view, not enough water to swim. We take some pictures, then we join our driver, the climb is more tiring 😦

We continue towards the Twin Waterfalls : Banyumala Twin Waterfalls. The driver waits for us at the parking. The going down is more complicated than the first waterfall. It will take 15 minutes to arrive, but good news: there are motorcycle-taxis that offer to bring you back for 25,000 Rp / person (1.6 €). We will definitely do it. You have to pay 15,000 Rp / person (1 €) to access the waterfalls. That’s wonderful. The water is a little icy but impossible to resist the envy to bathe. There are toilets next to the waterfalls, certainly rudimentary, but it allows at least to change before and after swimming. To go back up, we take the motorcycle taxis 🙂

We take the way back with a stop in an authentic Warung: « Warung & waterfall munduk tutub ». The warung terrace overlooks a waterfall: « Air Terjun Labuhan Kebo ». The view is exceptional, the dishes tasty 🙂 I highly recommend.

view from « Warung & waterfall munduk tutub »
Our choice

We return to the Guest house, and we discover the great view from our accomodation

View from our accomodation
The beast 🙂
Our room

While resting, we take coffee watching the farmers bringing back the ducks home before dark. We decide to take the motorbike to have a little tour around in the middle of the rice fields.

The surroundings of the Guest house

For dinner, it will be at our hotel restaurant. There aren’t many choices around, plus we also wanted to try our host’s cuisine which is highly rated on booking. Verdict: tasty but we expected a little better in view of the opinions of Internet users.

Our Choice