Day 03 : Kuta – Munduk

We wake up around 8:00 am, it’s weird not to feel tired with excitement.
We go down for breakfast (included in the price of the room). The room overlooks the small street. We have the choice between a few formulas (American, Continental, etc.). There are pan-cakes, omelets, fresh juice, Balinese coffee… that’s Ok for us 🙂

We find a money exchange office on the same street of the hotel with an excellent rate (1 € = 16,400 Rp). It was the best rate we found during the entire stay, except that at the time, we didn’t know it. We just change 400 €, we should have changed more.

In a small supermarket (you can find them everywhere), We buy a local SIM card : XL by paying 200,000 Rp (13 €) with 20 GB of internet connection: essential especially for GPS navigation.

The receptionist helps us to rent a scooter and finds us a Honda in very good condition, which we manage to negotiate at 60,000 Rp / Day (4 €) with 2 helmets. We rent for 13 days. The contract is quickly signed with a deposit of 100,000 Rp (6.5 €).

At 11:00 am, check-out done, SIM card purchased, change made, motorbike rented, we load our 2 Quechua backpacks (50L and 60L): the small one at the front (between my feet) and the large one on my wife’s back on the back: Let’s go

Oops, first accident with the motobike, barely 200m from the hotel. I am squeezed by a scooter (between driving on the left, the 2 backpacks and my driving far from being faultless) I hit a stopped scooter. My wife gets her toe broken 🙂
We stop to visualize the damage, a restaurant gives us ice cubes. After 30 minutes, we decide to continue with a route modification: we will not pass by « Tenah LOT » for the moment, in order to avoid making big detours.

from Kuta to Munduk

1st stop: The temple of Pura Sada, nothing very interesting. We continue our way.

2nd stop: Teman Ayun temple. Beautiful temple with an entry at 20,000 Rp / person (1.4 €) including the rental of the sarong (traditional clothing necessary to access holy Hindu places). The rental of the sarong will be included in all temple entrances. We were able to leave our backpacks at the entrance. The place is worth the detour. Little extra, there are clean toilets (which unfortunately is not always the case in Bali).

Teman Ayun Temple

We continue our way to Munduk

Way to Munduk

3rd stop, around 2:30 p.m., we stop at a touristic place for planting coffee and other exotic plants. There is a braided heart where you can take cool photos. It’s free, but we expect a little something. We gave 15,000 Rp (1 €), then we leave.

4th stop: Pura Ulun Danu Bratan: In the photos, the temple is very beautiful, but we did not access it: nobody wanted to keep our bags!

5th stop, around 4.30 pm, we arrive at the heights in front of the 2 lakes: « Hidden Hills Wanagiri« . These are installations with lots of pretty famous photo spots. We decided to go first, to a Warung across the street to eat. We ordered a Nasi Goreng (fried rice) and a Mie Goreng (fried noodles): 2 typical Indonesian dishes.

The short break at Warung, allows us to change for the photos. We cross the street. You have to pay 100,000 Rp / person (6.5 €) to access the installations in front of the lakes. The employees can help you with taking photos.

Hidden Hills Wanagiri

After a few frights on the road and the night which begins to fall, we finally arrive at our accommodation. We already decide that the next day, we will leave the scooter aside because roads of Munduk are very difficult and you need to be a good moto rider to be ok with that.

Accomodation : Adhitya Dharma Guest House
Address : Dusun Tengah, Desa Banyuatis – Munduk
2 nights, from 08/30/2019 to 09/01/2019
Price : 63 € / 994.500 Rp
Booked with

Adhitya Dharma Guest House

We settle down: beautiful traditional house with 3 wooden huts and a central part that is used as a restaurant, reception… After our break at the Warung, we were no longer hungry, we will not dine at the hotel restaurant, but I gladly try the local beer, so emblematic: The Bintang:

The Bintang

We agreed with the accommodation manager to make the next day’s visits by car with him. We will pay 450,000 Rp (15 €) which is quite expensive for a ½ day, but we will not be able to use our scooter on the roads of Munduk.