Day 05 : Munduk – Handara Gate – Ubud

We have breakfast in our Guest house and at 9:00 am, we vacate the room. It’s off to Ubud.

From Munduk to Ubud

As the way to Munduk was very difficult for us, we negotiated with our host to take us to « Twin Lake View » to avoid making the way by motorbike.
We paid 150,000 Rp (10 €) to be taken by car. The brother of our host, takes the bike and follows us: The Balinese are very good bike riders. The « convoy » leaves for Twin Lake View where we pick up our scooter and continue towards Ubud. We stop at « Bali Handara Gate ».

The gate is huge but there is nothing around it. The decor is worth it to wait for a photo shoot. We paid 30,000 Rp / person (2 €) and we were even able to deposit our luggage at the ticket office.
In front of us, there were about fifteen people, and we have to wait between 5 and 10 minutes for each person the time to do the shoot. That’s good, because at least when you take pictures there’s nobody in the background. You have to be prepared when your turn arrives. In addition, since behind the door there is a luxury hotel, there may be a few cars passing by.

Bali Handara Gate

We collect our bags and decide to head to the rice terraces of Jatiluwih. To reach our new destination, we leave the main path and discover new steep paths: It’s horrible with the bike. We stop and we give up going to Jatiluwih, too bad. The problem is that it is necessary to join the main street to reach Ubud, and it will be necessary to pass again by full of turns and slopes: terror settles down: ‘(
We hitchhike and stop a small van with a driver and a passenger next to him, explain the situation to them and as usual, the goodness of the Balinese operates. My wife swaps places with the passenger, who drives the scooter with me behind. They take us back to the main path. We thank them and we head back to Ubud: no more detours!

Main way to Ubud

We arrive in Ubud, the traffic is hellish: We can’t take the bike anymore. For our next step, we will leave it at the hotel. It’s decided !

We arrive at our accommodation « Yuni’s House » on the street « Jl. Monkey Forest ». The hotel does not overlook the main street, it is inside the market. My wife goes down and goes there on foot. I get off the scooter and start pushing it down the little lane that leads to the accommodation. I try to make my way between parked bikes. 50m from the hotel, I am at the heart of the Ubud Street Market (Jl. Karna). While pushing the motorbike, everyone looks at me and asks me if the scooter has broken down: shame! For them it’s a normal road, and nobody understands why I push my bike. I finally arrive and we are installed :

Accomodation : Yuni’s House
Address : Jalan Karna, 80571 Ubud, Indonésie
2 nights, from 09/01/2019 au 09/03/2019
Price : 58 € / 910.000 Rp
Booked with

location of Yuni’s House

The room is ok, clean. We rest for 1 hour before going out for eating and discovering Ubud. A well deserved rest after the fright of the road.

Our first walk in Ubud

Inorder to change a little from Indonesian cuisine, we head to a fairly famous Warung-pizzeria: « Warung Citta Ovest Pizza & Pasta ». We go down the street from the Street market : Jl.Karna to Jl.Dewisita. About 200m to the left, we found our warung. For pizzas, we had to wait 2 hours : we ordered pasta: delicious.

Pasta at « Warung Citta Ovest Pizza & Pasta »

We continue our little tour by going up Jl. Goutama to the main street: Jl. Raya Ubud.

Jl. Goutam – Ubud

We find in the corner « BMC Money Changer » and we change a few euros. The rates is less attractive in comparison with Kuta. We start looking for a driver for after tomorrow, who can bring us to Amed. Drivers are everywhere, but there is no attractive price: 600,000 Rp (40 €) for a one-way trip without detour. We will search on the internet.
When looking for a driver, we find a local travel agency (BB Tours & Information: opposite Guardian pharmacy: Jl. Raya Ubud No.9, Ubud, Kecamatan Ubud) with a fairly friendly employee (Jiro). By talking to her, we explain that we booked online for rafting the next day for $ 35 / person. She offers us the same service at $ 25 / person. She even takes care of canceling our reservation by calling the agency with which we had booked on internet (baliraftingtours). She pretends to be our host and explains to her interlocutor that we will not be able to do Rafting, the clever one!

Before returning, we go to eat in a small Warung in the street Jl. Goutama. We took the traditional Mie Goreng and Nasi Goreng.

Nasi Goreng