Day 14 : Sardinia : La Pelosa

Program of the day : The famous beach « La Pelosa ». This beach is known as the most beautiful Sardinian beach. La Pelosa is located north of « Alghero »

To « La Pelosa »

The beach attracts a huge number of tourists, that has forced local authorities to regulate its access. In order to be able to enjoy the Pelosa, there is some information necessary to know :

  • Access is not free : €3.50 per person.
  • The real constraint is not the price but the reservation. You have to make the reservation a few days in advance with an online payment. A QR code will be provided to you to guarantee access on the chosen date.
  • In summer, it will be necessary to do the reservation a week in advance. We had booked the 10/07 for the 27/07.
  • In case of no booking, access is free from 6:00 p.m., but it is a bit late to admire the color of the water under the sun.
  • Security guards are present at each access to the beach, and it is not possible to pay for your accesonce there.
  • The security guard gives you a bracelet when you show your QR code.
  • Even if you manage to escape the security guards, there are control agents who pass between the touristes and check that they have the bracelets. Otherwise, you are asked to leave the beach.
  • You are not allowed to put your towel directly on the sand, but you must put a beach mat under the towel. You can buy a mat when you arrive, but the sellers know very well that you have no choice, and charge you 15 or 20 € for mats that cost 2 € in the shops. The control agents also check the presence of beach mats between the towels and the sand.
  • The reservation does not guarantee you to have a parking place (40°58’05.4″N 8°12’22.9″E). You have to arrive early enough to be able to park easily. Otherwise, you can spend 1 hour to find a place : that was our case
  • For reservation :
  • The booking website may be modified or closed outside the summer periods.
Access to « La Pelosa »

The beach is a marvel! We spend the whole day there.

« La Pelosa »
« La Pelosa »

End of swimming, we return back to our accommodation. Evening program : Pizza on the terrace of the bungalow and rest, no going out.

Accomodation : Podere Cala Viola
Address : 10 Strada Vicinale Nuraghe Risola, 07041 Porto Conte, Italie
2 nights, from 07/26/2021 to 07/28/2021
Price : 229 € for 3 persons
Reservation :