Day 14 : Jimbaran – Uluwatu – Padang Padang

We have breakfast (always included in the price of accommodation) at Kubu Kak Dudung Villas by the small swimming pool. The breakfast is OK (coffee, tea, pancake, eggs, fruit).

Breakfast at Kubu Kak Dudung Villas

We decide to forget the bad experience with Jimbaran and we head south towards the temple of Uluwatu

Our tour of the day in southern Bali (Bukit)
Bali – Uluwatu – Padang Padang Beach

After 40 minutes on a good road, we arrive around 9:30 am at the temple: « Pura Luhur Uluwatu ». There is a charge for access: Rp 50,000 (€ 3.3) per person including the rental of the sarong. The temple is impressive. It overlooks a cliff. The view is breathtaking. It is Bali’s most beautiful temple in our opinion

Watch out for the monkeys that wander around the temple and watch for the little moment of inattention. They stole my glasses from my eyes!!! A temple guard comes to the rescue by throwing 2 fruits at the monkey forcing him to drop my glasses to be able to catch the fruits.
Advice : do not try to attack the monkeys if they steal something from you. You risk to make them angry. We saw a monkey breaking the glasses of a visitor, who tryed to hit him with his selfie stick.
Tip : if this happens to you: Try to give a bottle of water to the monkey who will need 2 hands to open it and then will drop your stuff.

The monkeys are making law at « Pura Luhur Uluwatu »

We leave for the beach of « Padang Padang Beach ». You have to pay 15,000 Rp (1 €) per person to access the beach.

Access to Padang Padang Beach

The beach is exceptional. And also, we are lucky to attend a Hindu sea blessing ceremony.

Hindu ceremony at Padang Padang Beach

You can’t resist to swim. The beach is also a very famous for surfing.

To forget the disappointment of our accomodation, we decide to look for a hotel with an infinity pool to spend the last afternoon in Bali. We find « Blue Heaven » (Jl. Labuansait) a few meters from « Padang Padang Beach ».

« Padang Padang Beach » and « Blue Heaven »

We pay Rp 200,000 (€ 13.3) per person to have access to the swimming pool, sun loungers and towels. The price also includes a dish (Pizza, pasta, rice or noodles) and a soft drink. The view is magnificent. We relax.

Lunch at « Blue Heaven »

We leave the « Blue Heaven » in time to reach the beach of « Jimbaran Beach » to watch the sunset.

Jimbaran beach : Sunset

Before returning to the accomodation, we decide to go to « Jimbaran SideWalk Mall ». It’s a new mall. We go there to buy local coffee and some fruit.

Jimbaran SideWalk Mall
From « Jimbaran SideWalk Mall » to our accomodation