Tunisia – General information

You are looking for a holiday destination with cultural interest, Mediterranean weather, magnificent landscapes and an affordable cost of living : Stop Searching! Welcome to Tunisia.

Located in northern Africa, in the heart of the Maghreb, separated from Europe by the Mediterranean sea, Tunisia is a charming country with nice weather. It is often considered a summer vacation destination (from June to September). Tunisia is also a good idea for a stay from March to May to discover the landscapes of the northwest or between October and December to take a trip to the south and discover the Sahara desert. There is always an interesting place to visit in Tunisia every month of the year.

You will find magnificent beaches, varied landscapes (mountains, desert…), cultural richness and an unforgettable culinary experience.

In Tunisia, you will have many choices for your visits:

Visit Tunisia
  • Tunis: The capital of Tunisia with its medina, the picturesque village of Sidi Bou Saïd, its suburbs…
  • Cap Bon: Discover the big cities and the charming villages of northeastern Tunisia and their wonderful beaches (Nabeul, Hammamet, Kelibia, etc.)
  • The North-West: the neighboring region of Algeria with its mountains and historic towns (Le Kef, Béja, Tabarka, Dougga, Ain Draham, Beni Mtir, etc.)
  • Bizerte: In the far north of the country, Bizerte and its surroundings are full of wonderful beaches
  • Zaghouan: Unjustly not famous, it is the country’s historic water reserve. Here, you can immerse yourself in the heart of nature and breathe the fresh air.
  • Sousse: Along with Cap Bon, it is one of the two major regions that concentrate seaside tourism in Tunisia
  • Kairouan: If you want to discover the history of the first Muslim metropolis in the Maghreb, this is the ideal place with the unmissable Okba Ibn Nafaa Mosque.
  • El Jem: With the magnificent well-preserved replica of the Colosseum in Rome, El Jem is a city founded on the ruins of a great ancient city of the Roman Empire
  • Djerba: The very famous « island of dreams » and its little-known treasures
  • The South: Do not miss the opportunity to take a road trip in southern Tunisia in the middle of oases, typical southern cities like Tozeur. Experience the Sahara Desert in all its glory

Tunisia is well served by its main airports:

Tunisia – Airports
  • TUN: Tunis-Carthage International Airport
  • MIR: Monastir Habib-Bourguiba International Airport
  • NBE: Enfidha-Hammamet International Airport
  • DJE: Djerba-Zarzis International Airport
  • SFA: Sfax-Thyna International Airport
  • TOE: Tozeur-Nefta International Airport
Tunis Carthage Airport

The national airline company is Tunisair. It serves a good number of cities in the world and especially in Europe.
Nouvelair is a private Tunisian airline company. It has fewer planes and serves fewer destinations than Tunisair, but it remains an interesting option
Other international companies have Tunisia as a destination (Air France, Transavia, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Tui Fly, Royal Air Maroc, Air Algerie, Egypt Air….)

You can also go to Tunisia from France (Marseille) or from Italy (Genoa, Rome) by ferry to the port of La Goulette. This way you can get there by car and avoid renting one once arrived. Several companies do these crossings:

  • CTN: Tunisian National Company
  • GNV and Grimaldi: Italian companies
  • Corsica Lines: French company
Tunisia – Ferries

The Tunisian currency is the Tunisian Dinar (TND). It is possible to obtain it in bank branches and in exchange offices.

In Tunisia, the official language is Arabic, but you will have no communication problem if you speak French or English. It is a country open to the world and in the tourist sites, you can come across people who also speak Spanish, Italian, German…