Spend Christmas and New Year in Madrid

Madrid, which is a very lively city, is even more full of life during Christmas and the end of the year.

Christmas in Madrid:

Several Christmas markets exist in Madrid, but you should always verify as it can change every year.

Below is the list of Christmas markets that we found in December 2016:

  • Plaza Mayor Christmas market and carousel:
    It is the largest of the Christmas markets in Madrid. More than 100 merchants welcome thousands of visitors each year.
    Note that on the Plaza Mayor, there is also a Christmas crib made up of more than 100 figurines:

Other Christmas markets:

  • Plaza Santa Cruz
  • Plaza de Santa Ana
  • Plaza Santo Domingo
  • Plaza de Chueca
  • Plaza Soledad Torres Acosta
  • Plaza de la Luna,
  • Plaza de Ciudad Lineal (with ice rink)
  • Plaza de Callao
  • Plaza del Carmen
  • Plaza de España.

A big Christmas tree is installed on the square of Puerta Del Sol:

Puerta Del Sol Christmas tree

New Year’s Eve in Madrid:

Spain is a country where New Year’s Eve is correctly celebrated. The party goes on until very late at night.

In Spain, the new year is welcomed with twelve grapes. The grapes are eaten one by one, at the rhythm of the twelve strokes of midnight on December 31. Only those who manage to eat them in time will experience a year marked by prosperity and luck. Even if you’re not superstitious, it’s still a fun tradition.

The place particularly associated with this tradition is the Puerta del Sol in Madrid.

Queue to access La Puerta Del Sol on December 31

There are thousands of people who gather in front of the Puerta del Sol clock to welcome the New Year with grapes.

Waiting for the 12 strokes of midnight

Happy New Year !

Madrid – Happy New Year !

You will see everywhere in stores that 12 grapes are sold in a small plastic cup to drink the Cava after eating the grapes.

After the grapes, and the celebration of the new year, everyone toasts to the « cava » (sparkling wine) before heading to the bars which remain open until the morning.

For breakfast, the queue at the San Gines café is impressive:

San Gines

Chocolatería San Ginés
The most famous Churros with hot chocolate in Madrid: a must
You will see on the walls of the café the photos of all the celebrities who visited this place.
Address: Pasadizo San Gines, 5
Hours: 24/24