One day in Florence

We had the opportunity to visit Florence during a road trip in Italy and mainly in Sardinia in July 2021

We arrive in Florence, we go to the car park indicated by our host (Park2Go): 43°46’29.2″N 11°15’25.5″E
NB : To access the historic center of Florence by car, your hotel or car park must declare your car plate number to the city of Florence, otherwise you will be fined.

Parking at Florence

Our host is waiting for us at the entrance of our accommodation. It is a room for 3 people in an apartment building very well located in the historic center of Florence.

Accommodation : Coco Places Soggiorno Panerai, Centro Storico
Address : Via Dei Servi N° 49, San Marco – Santissima Annunziata, 50122 Florence, Italie
1 night, from 07/17/2021 to 07/18/2021
Price : 98 € for 3 persons
Location : 43°46’33.9″N 11°15’35.5″E

We set off to explore the historic center of the city

Walk in Florence historic center

The city of Florence is known as an open-air museum. Well, that’s true

At the Ponte Santa Trinita bridge, you can admire the sunset

Sunset at Florence

We spend the night in Florence before the going the next day to Rome.
In order to enjoy the streets of the city of Florence before the rush of tourists, we leave our accomodation at 08:00.
We go for a tour in the historic center around the famous Cathedral « Santa Maria del Fiore ».

Walk in Florence

The place is perfect for admiring the city and taking photos

Santa Maria del Fiore

For breakfast, the « ToscaNino » café offers an exceptional view of the city (43°46’17.3″N 11°15’18.5″E).

View from ToscaNino 

The prices are reasonable and the view is wonderful, but you have to go there as soon as it opens to find a place with a beautiful view.

Breakfast at « ToscaNino »

To continue our tour, head to the Central Market of Florence (43°46’35.2″N 11°15’09.9″E). It is a market full of colors, good smells and culinary specialties:

Central Market of Florence

For lunch, we choose a well-rated restaurant. The « Matto Matto Pizzeria Grill Ristorante » is located at 122 Via Nazionale (43°46’41.0″N 11°15’11.0″E), a little out of the city center, but you can eat good meals and above all you are very well received. Prices for pasta and pizza in Italy are always acceptable: €35 for 3 people!

Matto Matto Pizzeria

We finished our walking tour of the city. Before leaving Florence for Rome, we pick up the car and head to « Piazzale Michelangelo » (43°45’46.9″N 11°15’54.2″E).

To « Piazzale Michelangelo »

It is a belvedere with a beautiful view of the whole city of Florence:

View from « Piazzale Michelangelo »

We leave Florence to Rome for the rest of our road trip