Day 16 : La Spezia (Cinque Terre)

We arrive at the port of Genoa around 07:00

Arrival of the Ferry in Genoa

The port is huge. Genoa is the heart of Italian maritime traffic. Most Italian ferry and cruise companies have their headquarters there (Costa, MSC, GNV, etc.)

port of Genoa

We leave the port of Genoa around 08:30. We go to La Spezia. A one and a half hour highway journey

Genoa – La Spezia
Highway – Genoa – La Spezia

We arrive at our accommodation. It is a clean apartment located in the heart of La Spezia (44°06’27.3″N 9°49’04.3″E). The problem of an accomodation with such a location is the difficulty of finding parking. We finally found a free parking place, a few minutes walk from the apartment : 44°06’25.1″N 9°48’42.2″E

The apartment is perfectly equipped : kitchen, air conditioning, washing machine, coffee machine… It’s perfect!

Accomodation : La casa di Gio’ 295 Apartments
Addresse : Via Del Prione 295, 19121 La Spezia, Italie
1 night, from 07/29/2021 to 07/30/2021
Price : 139 € for 3 persons
Reservation :

We head for the central station of « la Spezia » located 600 meters away from our accommodation.

To the central station of « la Spezia »

It is at this station that you can take the regional train La Spezia-Levanto which allows you to visit the charming villages of the Cinque Terre (literally : five lands) (Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso)

Train to visit the cinque terres

In this station, you can buy the pass which allows you to take the regional train and access the villages. The pass costs €16 for one day. Please note: This is not 24 hours-pass, but it is valid until 11:59 p.m. on the same day. You can take single trip tickets. We took the day-pass and headed off to visit the villages for the rest of the day.

Pass to visit the five lands

We will visit 4 out of 5 villages (Monterosso, Vernazza, Manarola and Riomaggiore). We will not visit the village of Corniglia. It is the most difficult of the 5 villages to access. You have to climb 300 steps to discover the village of Corniglia

Our first stop is the village of « Monterosso ». It is the furthest village from La Spezia (last stop before Levanto). In this way, we will make the rest of the visits on the way back. Monterosso has a large sandy beach. It is the largest of the five villages.

The second village we visit is « Vernazza ». It is a charming village with lively streets that lead to a small port where the locals do not hesitate to swim.

Third stop : The village of « Manarola ». One word : stunning. We find that It is the most beautiful of the five villages.

« Manarola »

It is also the starting point of the famous hiking trail “The lovers way” (Via dell’amore) which connects it with the village of “Riomaggiore”.

Our last stop is the village of “Riomaggiore”. It is the closest village to La Spezia. It is an old fishing village with multicolored houses. It is the postcard of the five lands.

« Riomaggiore »

« Riomaggiore » is an ideal spot to admire the sunset

Sunset at Riomaggiore 

It’s the end of a day and an intense trip full of memories. Tomorrow we start the road back to Lille. There you go, our road trip in Italy is coming to an end