Berlin highlights

We try here to list the highlights of Berlin. Nevertheless, the city remains very rich and will never stop surprising you

Brandenburg Gate

Main attraction and symbol of the city. It has been a part of the Berlin Wall for 30 years. Like any famous monument, to be able to take photos without many people around, we recommend you to go there early in the morning (around 8:00 am)

The Gate was built between 1788 and 1791

It’s impossible to visit Berlin and miss the history of the Wall. Eastside Gallery is an open-air gallery (1.3 km) using the remains of the Berlin Wall with street art works including the famous « kiss » between Erich Honecker and Leonid Brezhnev

You will also find everywhere in the city, traces of the wall with some fragments kept for history. Here for example in the famous Potsdamer Platz :

Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom)

It is certainly one of the most beautiful monuments in Berlin. Entrance is chargeable (7 €) with a beautiful view at the top of the cathedral. Go for it early morning to find fewer people

Checkpoint Charlie and its museum

Berlin was split in two halves for almost 30 years. This is the famous crossing point between the 2 Berlins. Next to this point, still in place, there is a small museum which retraces the stories of fugues and the means used to pass the wall (entry : € 5).

The TV tour (Fernsehturm) & Alexanderplatz

With 368 meters, the TV tower is a true symbol of reunified Germany. You can access it by paying €16.50. It is the tallest publicly accessible tower in Europe.
Alexanderplatz is the largest square in all of Germany. This is the beating heart of Berlin where you can find restaurants, shops, stations, stations…
Don’t miss The Universal Clock (Weltzeituhr). Each of its 24 sides represents a time zone.

Potzdamer Platz

Berlin’s second place after Alexanderplatz. This is the old center of Berlin, today one of the most modern areas of the city. Don’t miss the Sony Center, considered as a jewel of modern architecture.

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Located between the Brandenburg Gate and Potsdamer Platz, it recalls the death of the Jews during the Second World War. It is impossible to go around Berlin without encountering the history of the World War II

Reichstag Palace

The Reichstag Palace houses the German Bundestag, the only political body elected by the people. It symbolizes the power of the German people, in particular with the inscription clearly visible on the facade: « dem deutschen volke » (translation: The German people)
You can visit the Reichstag roof terrace and dome for free and have a beautiful view of Berlin. The only condition of visit, is the reservation in advance.

Soviet War Memorial

Located in the large “Großer Tiergarten” park. It is dedicated to the fighters of the Red Army fallen during the battle of Berlin, in April-May 1945, putting an end to the Second World War in Europe.

The medieval streets of Nikolai

It is the oldest district in Berlin. There you will find many bars and restaurants.

RAW Tempel

Do not miss this spot if you like to see the underground culture of Berlin.
It is a large brownfield site located in the Friedrichshain district in the former eastern part of the city. You will find graffiti, climbing walls, skaters, bars, restaurants, nightclubs.

Bode Museum

On y trouve principalement des sculptures et des œuvres du Moyen-âge, d’art byzantin, expositions sThere are mainly sculptures and works from the Middle Ages, Byzantine art, exhibitions on the Italian Renaissance (Entrance: 10 €).