A road trip in the northeast of Algeria

We made (4 people), a road trip in Algeria in March 2017. It is a perfect period to discover the landscapes of the northeast of Algeria with ideal temperatures: 25°

We entered Algeria by car from the Tunisian land border at the Oum Teboul border post. We had a car registered in Tunisia. To be able to cross the border by car, the owner of the car must be present. A last administrative step, you have to pay a national insurance in Algeria for the vehicle. The insurance is valid for one month for about €20 and can be purchased at the border

We spent 4 nights in Algeria:

  • 1 Night at Constantine : Hôtel Des Princes (29 Rue Abane Ramdane, Constantine : 36°21’41.6″N 6°36’27.4″E)
  • 1 Night at Sétif : Hôtel Frantz Fanon (Rue Frantz Fanon, Sétif : 36°11’16.8″N 5°24’16.0″E)
  • 1 Night at Tichy (20 Km from Bejaia) : Rental of an apartment (36°39’31.6″N 5°11’01.9″E)
  • 1 Night at Annaba : Hôtel D’Orient (13 Cr de la Révolution, Annaba : 36°53’58.1″N 7°45’35.4″E)

Algerian highways are well maintained, driving is quite comfortable and there are no tolls. The fuel is really cheap (in 2017, 0.20€ per liter). The local currency is the Algerian Dinar (DZD). You can exchange Euros or US dollars in banks. This is the legal (but not very advantageous) way to obtain Algerian dinars. Otherwise, undeclared exchanges are possible at the border.

Our route :

Road trip in Algeria – Departure
Road trip in Algeria – Return

Day 01 – Constantine:


Constantine is known for its suspension bridges

The bridges of Constantine

The essentials of the city of Constantine :

What to see in Constantine
  • The War Memorial (Monument aux Morts) located at the top of a cliff
  • The Suspension Bridge of Sidi M’Cid: The most known bridge of the city
  • The Falls Bridge (Pont des Chutes)
  • El Kantara Bridge
  • The old town: The Casbah
  • The Mellah-Slimane footbridge
  • Sidi Rached Bridge
  • Devil’s Bridge (Pont du diable) : It takes its name from the fact that former opponents of the Beys of Constantine were tortured and killed there.
  • Emir Abdelkader Mosque

Day 02 – To Sétif via the large open-air souk of El Eulma and the ancient city of Djemila:

Algeria – Djemila

At the evening, we could visit the city of Sétif :

Tour in Sétif

Day 03 – From Sétif to Bejaia and visit of Bejaia and its surroundings:

In Bejaia, you can visit:

Tour in Bejaia
  • The Casbah: The old town
  • The Golden Gate, (porte Sarrasine) or Sea Gate: historic gate of the city of Bejaia
  • The cornice of the « Brise De Mer »
  • The Peak of the Monkeys (Pic des Singes) to meet the monkeys in the heights of the mountain
  • Gouraya National Park
Bejaia – Gouraya National Park

Day 04 – Towards Annaba via the Jijel waterfalls and the port city of Skikda:

From Bejaia to the Jijel waterfalls

The Jijel waterfalls, located in the heart of the Kabyle territory forest (36°33’51.0″N 5°18’21.9″E), are really worth a detour:

Jijel waterfalls

Skikda is a charming port city :

Day 05 – Visit of Annaba and return to Tunisia:

Annaba is one of the largest Algerian cities :

Tour in Annaba
  • The Church of Saint Augustine of Hippo, or «Lella Bouna», as it is sometimes called in Arabic.
  • The ruins of Hippo (Hippo Regius)
  • The old town of Annaba : The Kasbah
  • Carobe beach
  • The cornice of Boulevard Rizzi Amor
  • The Cap de Garde Lighthouse (Phare du cap de garde)
Annaba – The Church of Saint Augustine of Hippo